Meet the Team

Meet the Owners:

Eric & Krystal

Eric is the Co-Owner at the Natural Food Store and Health Coach with Cell-to-Soul Health Coaching. A Nutrition Consultant since 2012, Eric has dedicated his time and energy to study health and healing from a variety of disciplines in order to help people recover and rebuild their health. He spends his time advising people at the store, doing 1-on-1 consulting by appointment, and teaching classes and groups in central Arkansas on the subjects health and spirituality. In his free time, he and his wife, Hannah, enjoy playing music, organic gardening, hiking, and spending time friends and family. They are both passionate about helping people become healthy – body, mind, and spirit.

Krystal is co-owner of NFS and has been with the company for over seven years. She brings extensive business knowledge and experience to the team. She oversees the logistics and day to day running of the business. Krystal is reliable, practical, ambitious and has an eye for detail. Outside of being at the store, she loves spending time with family and riding horses. Her passion is being with her horses, whether its riding, competitions or just nights at home in the barn. Her daughter, Milla is her partner in crime and loves horses as well, riding with her mom, and her pony.

Meet the Staff:


Natalee, our Staff Manager has been with us for over seven years. Helping people is her purpose in life. She serves by incorporating the knowledge and experience she’s gained throughout her lifetime and passion for researching holistic wellness and prayer. She is strong, energetic, nurturing, hopeful, easy going and she has an insatiable thirst for knowledge!



John, the newest member of our team, is our Inventory Manager.  John is a former firefighter and has worked from firefighting to hospitality, and restaurant to retail. His passion is striving to assist people and make them smile. He said “Everyday I learn something new about living life healthier and I love continuing my knowledge to share with all who walk through our door.” When he’s not working he loves spending time with family and getaways to the beach. He enjoys working and spending time with his wife, her family, and his daughter, Milla.




Sheila is one of our longest-standing team members, being with us for over 6 years. She always greets everyone with a genuine smile. Sheila works hard, striving to help every customer that walks through the door, dedicating her time to make the customer’s day.  Sheila loves enjoying her three grandchildren, trips to see her daughters and weekend trips to Hot Springs.


Lydia, the “social media chic” is the youngest of our team. She takes care of all of the social media for the store and provides a fun, creative and spunky vibe to whatever she puts her mind to. She aims to provide a visionary and productive atmosphere on social media and in our store. Lydia loves to go on weekend trips with her family and boyfriend, Chandler, eating plant based and creating new memories with friends.


Tina is another one of our most recent additions to our team. She’s been with us for 6 months and works hard to ensure customers’ needs are met and serves them with a smile. Tina is outgoing, easy-going and cares for everyone that walks through the front door.  Her passions are playing music, dancing, and playing cribbage. She loves spending time with family and enjoying their company.




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