Welcome to the Natural Food Store!

Founded back in 1991, the Natural Food Store continues to be a community center for healthy foods, herbs, supplements and other health products, as well as friendly and knowledgeable advice and service.  Our team here, led by owners Eric McMullen and Krystal Quattlebaum, wants to do our part to help people in central Arkansas live happy and healthy lives.



“Life is not measured by its length, but by its depth.”     –Ralph Waldo Emerson

As a faith-based establishment, we believe that living healthy is a holistic endeavor.  It’s not just about extending our lives on earth, but living fully and abundantly.  To this end we want our store to help people live more deeply, with a strong marriage of connecting people to God, connecting them to to the health of their bodies, and connecting to their hearts in strong community relationships to the people around them.  Along with other health service, our team prays with many of our clients, knowing that there is no line between using an herb, or a word in prayer, to bring about healing.



The Natural Food Store was opened in 1991 as a result of Perry Ambrose’s growing interest in natural health and healing. He and his family were having numerous health problems most caused by the negative effects of pharmaceutical medicines. Perry’s research led him to the conclusion that health, good and bad, is basically created by us and can be recreated to a better state by enlisting the timeless principles of good health. Through the use of quality food, supplemental nutrients, herbs, exercise, and positive mental and spiritual thinking one can in almost all instances regain their health without the use of dangerous pharmaceuticals. This belief and his insatiable drive for knowledge has allowed him to help himself, his family and thousands of others to attain better health the natural way.

In 1999 Perry Ambrose graduated from the American Health Science University with the degree of Certified Nutritionist. The school was so impressed with his writings that they posted over one hundred of more than 300 of his articles on their online library. He spoke several times per year to civic groups, university and high school classes, and various health support groups. Perry wrote columns for several area newspapers for many years.

Mr. Ambrose’s most satisfying endeavor was meeting one on one with those who need help in creating a better quality of health. The Natural Food Store is a direct manifestation of that desire to help.

In April of 2014, ownership of the store passed to two of it’s employees, Eric McMullen and Krystal Quattlebaum.  They strive to carry on the work Perry began, while also changing and adapting to meet the needs of our community.

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